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Writing trials

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I was doing the thorough cleaning the other day when I bumped into the box with my old stuff. Like really old, there were some old souvenirs and concert tickets and, surprisingly, my old notebooks from my middle school time. There were some short stories and poems that I wrote back those days. I spent 40 minutes on reading them and gosh they were awful! I felt the urge to burn them down immediately right in the middle of my living room and thought: “Oh God, I hope no one read this!”

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How to Publish a Book

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To publish a book one should definitely understand what for has he written this book. The aim of the book defines its target audience and as a result the way of publishing. If you think that your book will be a bestseller you may suppose that it will be enough to send a few copies of the typescript to the number of publishing houses and someone will pay attention to it. If you don’t know the market and your goal is to share your experience try to publish a small amount of issues on your expense. One shouldn’t get disappointed if he doesn’t receive any answer from the publisher. The matter is that reading every single typescript is a work that should be paid.

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