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Eirik Johnson photography.

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Eirik Johnson is an American photographer mainly known for his pictures of remote and abandoned places. Currently Johnson lives in Boston. Johnson is one of those photographers who see beauty in ordinary things. The compositions of his images are simple and beautiful at the same time. Thus his series Borderlands depicts landscapes on the border of contemporary environment. He tries to depict the border lying between public and private, wild and domesticated. “It is in these non-spaces that temporary relationships occur as forces of nature – flooding, brush fires, tidal change – come into contact with the physical presence of the urban environment. The photographs portray in detail the quietly unfolding dramas and uneasy beauty of these encounters”, says Johnson himself. Those photos are simple and familiar to all of us. Johnson tries to show our presence and inevitable detach from landscapes.

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American Dream and Photography

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Today I would like to write a post devoted to photography depicting the idea of American dream. American dream is an idealistic notion referring to possibility to live happy and successful life through hard working. Anyone in the United States has a chance to get whatever he/ she wants. You need just to work hard. American dream includes such things as independence, freedom, happiness, social equality, and many other things. Indeed people who manage to get what they want could live their dream. At the same time it is well known that the United States are not an ideal place. Of course many things depend on individuals. Anyway the idea of American dream has been criticized widely as race, class, religious and ethnic inequalities still exist in American society. Well, our world is not perfect. The idea is attractive but actually it turns out so that it doesn’t work sometimes. It seems to me that life in the United States and American dream have nothing in common. Just look at some pictures and you would understand what I’m talking about. Life in big cities maybe is exciting and spectacular. But what about life of One-storied America? Is it exciting and interesting? I do not think so.

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