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Writing trials

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I was doing the thorough cleaning the other day when I bumped into the box with my old stuff. Like really old, there were some old souvenirs and concert tickets and, surprisingly, my old notebooks from my middle school time. There were some short stories and poems that I wrote back those days. I spent 40 minutes on reading them and gosh they were awful! I felt the urge to burn them down immediately right in the middle of my living room and thought: “Oh God, I hope no one read this!”

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Art Criteria

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In all the times the people did their best to understand what art is. Artists and art analysts argued and discussed the criteria of art. Tastes differ and each person may have his or her own opinion on art. You come to an art gallery and choose the paintings and objects that attract you. Some people value the beauty of art, other people suppose that art should be realistic. The third ones may consider the most important aspect of art to be the fact that it should express feelings and emotions. There are a large number of paintings in the world and the ones may be characterized by the photographic fidelity while the others perfectly transmit the mood of the author being totally abstract.

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Mario Testino

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The personality of Mario Testino was defined since his childhood. His blood was a mixture of Irish, Spanish and Italian origin. Born in Peru he spent his childhood and adolescence in Brazil. In that way he added the features of the Latin mentality to his strong individuality. He got the spiritual warmth, generosity, hospitability and impressing sense of humor.

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