Writing trials

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I was doing the thorough cleaning the other day when I bumped into the box with my old stuff. Like really old, there were some old souvenirs and concert tickets and, surprisingly, my old notebooks from my middle school time. There were some short stories and poems that I wrote back those days. I spent 40 minutes on reading them and gosh they were awful! I felt the urge to burn them down immediately right in the middle of my living room and thought: “Oh God, I hope no one read this!”

However, these notebooks made me thinking. I really enjoy writing, I have always been, but apparently I have never attempted to write something serious. Mostly, the reason of my detachment was a hidden fear to find out that I’m a bad writer. That’s why I procrastinated although good (I think they were good) ideas have crossed my mind and they look pretty much like book ideas. In fact, I was always thinking that I’m better than what I’m writing, but suddenly I felt the inner imperative to give it a try.
My problem was my total reliance on the inspiration and stream of consciousness with a total lack of any structure and plan. I’m an impatient person, and it reflected in my writings. I was thinking, like, okay, I’ll just go ahead and write and see what’s happening. Now I understand that it’s not how it works. Of course, books ARE all about inspiration and impossible without it, but planning is a great deal as well. Basically, inspiration is what makes you start writing while a plan is what makes you keep writing. Unfortunately, planning is my weakness, I’m never even ready for my periods, let alone a full-fledged piece of writing.
I decided to read about writing and it actually didn’t make it easier for me because every author has a specific vision of the process and suggests different methods. Some of them seem to be good to me, like some of these:
How to Write a Story
and these: How to Write a Novel
But still, it seems to be not enough to start. Apparently, I had the hardest time developing my characters. Indeed, it takes a lot of effort to create a remarkable character, so I came up to the idea that it’s better to get someone you know to create your characters. With a little bit of customization, they will look true-to-life and interesting.
create characters
I used some tips from this article as well. There are some pretty good ones.
Also, the same author writes about the plot
plot outline
I found that interesting, too.
Obviously, you can’t learn how to write books from books. It’s a totally individual thing and different people do it differently. You can spend years on researching and never write a single line, but you know what? As trivial as it may sound, trial and error is the only way to jump-start your writing. So, tonight I’m going to drown in the sea of words and letters.


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