7 Tips To Make Your Skin Look Younger

Many women start thinking about the methods to retain their youth only when they notice the first wrinkles. The human tends to solve the problems as they appear but we seldom take the preventive measures to prevent the rapid skin aging beforehand. The numerous beauty magazines are literally stuffed with piles of tips and pieces of advice how to make your skin look better. These tips may vary from the customary to rather weird ones. Here is the list of the traditional and reliable seven ways to make your facial skin look younger and fresher.

  • Water. More water. Let a small bottle of mineral water accompany you everywhere. Take two or three gulps every hour. This habit will reduce the flaking and make your complexion not so dull. But remember that drinking water later than two hours before the night sleep will inevitably cause awful swelling.

  • Don't wash your face with a plain cake of soap. It dries the skin and dehydrates it. You may not feel any negative effects right now but you will notice then later, maybe in a couple of years. It is better to wash your face with liquid soap. If you have soft and sensitive skin try using some facial mousse. Another important thing is not to dry your face with a plain cloth towel. Consider using soft paper tissues but don't rub your face. Several soft touches are enough to dry your face.
  • It is good to wash your face with an ice cube twice or three times a week. Boil water, add a few leaves of fresh peppermint and two drops of lemon essential oil. Freeze the water and wash your face with such healing ice. Another advantage of this method is that it helps to wake up and stay vivacious.
  • Face care routine takes no more than five or seven minutes but many women are too lazy to fulfill the whole ritual. But regularity is crucially important for skin care. Of course it may be hard to carry out all the procedures in the evening when you are tired and wish to fall asleep as soon as possible. But you nay be sure that washing your face, cleaning it with lotion and moisturizing it will refresh you and make you feel beautiful and attractive.
  • It is not easy to give up smoking but try to smoke less cigarettes per day. If you find it too difficult allow yourself to smoke one slowly. Anyway at least you will smoke less and get more pleasure. Chain smoking when you smoke one after another while reading a book won't bring you any pleasant moments.
  • Eat healthy snacks. Fresh fruit are far more better for your skin than a bag of crisps. Be sure that no artificial vitamins can substitute the ones contained by fruit.

  • Manage to get a full tight sleep. Nothing is worse for our skin than lack of night sleep. It really kills our skin. A perfect period of sleep lasts from seven to nine hours. If you lack night sleep any attempts to catch up during the day taking short naps are useless. The body launches its restoring mechanisms between three and five o'clock in the morning.

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