St. Valentine’s Day – If You Are Lonely

St. Valentine’s Day was always a kind of pink nightmare for me. Hearts and madly kissing couples everywhere, girls with flowers, sweets and teddy bears happily laughing on the streets, special offers for couples in all cafes, stores and restaurants, romantic movies in the cinemas, and me, alone in this chaos of plush toys and flowers which are said to symbolize eternal love. Every year it happens so, that I am lonely on St. Valentine’s Day, as the previous relations are already over while the next boyfriend appears on the horizon a bit later than 14 of February. So, this situation made me develop my own rules of celebrating St. Valentine’s Day, if you are lonely.

First of all, switch off your phone. Nobody will be able to call you, but still it is better than just look at the silent screen. There is a kind of intrigue in this simple action. Besides, it will help you to relax and have fun. It is a holiday, after all.

Make a day of love…to yourself! Remember everything you wanted to do but had no time for and fulfill your dreams without hesitation. Eat whatever you like, visit art gallery – everything that can make you happy, will do. The advantage self-love is that it is always mutual.

Being lonely on this day is an excellent reason to dream, by the way. Indefiniteness has its own advantages – you still do not know how your future love will look like and can crate the image in your head. Think of the type which will suit you best and describe his qualities thoroughly. Your thoughts have material power, and it is possible that a man you have dreamt of will soon appear in your life.

Narcissism is another effective method to survive St. Valentine’s Day. Make a professional photo session, use the service of image-maker and stylist to create unique image, try something completely different to reveal new sides of your personality.

If nothing helps to get out of gloomy mood, try “heavy metal” way – spa. To get rid of sadness the psychologists recommend devoting more attention to your body. The effect is connected with the work of your sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system – your attention shifts from gloomy thoughts to the pleasant sensations received from spa procedures.

If these recommendations do not suit you and the holiday is becoming nearer every day, you can just skip it. Set a few business meetings for this day and go to bed earlier in the evening. To have a sound sleep is one of the best gifts for any occasion.


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