How to Apply Shades

Proper makeup is an essential element of your image. It helps to conceal some defects of your appearance and underline your advantages. The techniques of makeup are influenced by the rules of fashion like your clothes, accessorize or other beauty industry stuff. As eyes appear to be most impressive part of your face, you should pay the greatest attention to applying makeup to the eye lids and learn the art of working with shades which can help you to create any image you like.

Before starting the work, you should answer one question – what effect ct do you want to reach? If you use only light shades it will give your eyes attractive glitter. Dark shades will underline the beauty of your eye shape and hide minor defects.

Any kind of eye makeup begins with applying the lightest shade, so take thick brush and apply the shades under your brows. You can also use two different shades with slight difference in color. The lightest of them is used near the inner corner of your eye while the darker one should be applied close to the outer corner – it will produce the effect of shades transfuse.

Apply the brightest shade to upper and lower eye lids. Draw mild lines from the line of the growth of eyelashes to the crinkle, but do not go beyond this border, otherwise your makeup will lose its attraction.

Finally, there comes a contour which will make your image complete. Take the darkest shades you have and draw a thin line from the outer corner of your eye. You can apply contour on both upper and lower eyelid. With the help of seemingly insignificant line you can change your eye shape and your appearance in the whole.

This is just the general instruction on how to create eye makeup. By experimenting and following trends of fashion you will be able to do whatever you like with your palette of shades.


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  1. Great advice! I love the picture of the eye shadow also =) Please check out my beauty blog as well ^__^

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