Mario Testino

The personality of Mario Testino was defined since his childhood. His blood was a mixture of Irish, Spanish and Italian origin. Born in Peru he spent his childhood and adolescence in Brazil. In that way he added the features of the Latin mentality to his strong individuality. He got the spiritual warmth, generosity, hospitability and impressing sense of humor.

Young Mario Testino was a bright student and managed to get two educations, the economic one and the law one. Later he began to study foreign affairs.

Being a traveler Mario set straight for London to begin his photographer career. His first amateur shots were appreciated by the art critics. It's not easy to accept that a man whose name is famous all aver the world had no accommodation or full-time job only 15 years ago.

When Mario Testino claimed to his friends that he would shoot for Vogue they thought is was a joke as they knew his sense of humor. But Testino wasn't joking at all. By that time he had already become a skillful amateur photographer and made confident steps towards Vogue.

The career of Mario Testino in Vogue is worth to be envied by any photographer. The fact that the leading fashion houses brought changes to their time table only to get the photos of this talented Latinos. In different times his models were Claudia Schiffer, Madonna, Prince Charles, Prince Harry and the Queen of Jordan Ranija.

Why all the celebrities enjoyed being shot by Mario. The answer is simple. Testino could make a masterpiece of every photo. He managed to notice the traces and peculiarities that were left without any attention by other photographers. Look at his photo of Princess Diana. The mild femininity and love are reflected on the face. The famous photo of Bred Pitt and Angelina Jolie with their children is simply radiating with joy and happiness.

However Mario's favorite type of models are Brazilian and Peruvian girls. Their hot temper and fun-loving personality attracts the famous photographer.

Except photography Mario Testino has found his vocation in writing. The books by Testino reveal the true backstage events. Worried by the problem of AIDS he has also written a book aimed to provide a psychological support for HIV-positive women. There is little information about the private life of Mario Testino but his views, thoughts and ideas could easily be seen through his numerous artworks.


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