Roommates and Cockroaches

Living with a roommate is like…no, honestly I can not find a comparison which will even vaguely explain what living with a roommate looks like. It is a unique experience or a terrific ordeal depending on the roommate you are lucky to have.

If you face a dilemma of whether to live alone or allow someone else to occupy a part of your private space, my recommendation is to choose the second option without hesitation. We all want independence and seclusion, but after a few weeks of living alone this seclusion will become unbearable and the walls in your room will learn your entire life story.

Of course, sharing flat with some other person means certain sacrifices but if you approach the matter of choosing a partner carefully, you can avoid most of them. My first experience of living together was not successful, because we had different values in life. My roommate preferred to study days and nights, while I practiced more careless approach to lectures and were more concentrated on parties with friend. However, these parties disturbed my roommate and she decided that I was not serious enough to have the honor of living with her.

The next roommate I had was an easy-going girl who had no objections against inviting friends and having fun. However, she did not have the slightest intention to clean the house, wash dishes or perform any other house work as well. When I returned home after a two weeks vacation I discovered cockroaches peacefully sitting in the kitchen. It was the end of our story with this roommate and with cockroaches as well.

So, have a close look at the person you are planning to live with before making any agreements and make sure that you two have the same views and principles of daily life.


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