Rebecca Minkoff.

Rebecca Minkoff is an American fashion designer who became famous for her handbags. Minkoff currently lives and works in New York City.

Minkoff was born in San Diego. Design and fashion have been her actual passions since childhood. After graduating Minkoff decided to move to New York to devote herself to fashion design. In 2005 Rebecca began to design handbags. The handbags she produces look luxurious and casual at the same time. They are functional and stylish. Rebecca herself says that the bags she creates are intended for independent women who can’t live without traveling. Obviously it explains functionality of the handbags by Minkoff. She loves traveling a lot herself. It inspires you to create and design new items. In addition Minkoff likes vintage pretty much. “I love vintage. I found a studded vintage belt in Paris that’s inspiring a pair of stud earrings”.

For a long period of time she designed both accessories and apparel. Then Minkoff decided to focus her attention mainly on handbags. But later in 2009 she returned to apparel design launching a ready-to-wear collection.

Many fashionistas adore her design. Among them are famous Hollywood stars and celebrities including Keira Knightley, Reese Witherspoon, Lindsay Lohan and many others. Rebecca herself inspired by Angelina Jolie’s style. “When it comes to style. I like pieces that have a twist or an interesting detail, such as a basic tee with a sheer back. I try to be low maintenance with my beauty routine”, admits Minkoff . Her own style is pretty simple. She prefers jeans and T-shirts to other clothes. And she always wears jackets. It is a must of her look. It is not surprising at all that Minkoff pays much attention to shoes and handbags. The accessories are essential items in her wardrobe.

By the way Minkoff runs an interesting blog you should pay attention to. Visit where you may find pretty much of interesting information.


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