How to Publish a Book

To publish a book one should definitely understand what for has he written this book. The aim of the book defines its target audience and as a result the way of publishing. If you think that your book will be a bestseller you may suppose that it will be enough to send a few copies of the typescript to the number of publishing houses and someone will pay attention to it. If you don’t know the market and your goal is to share your experience try to publish a small amount of issues on your expense. One shouldn’t get disappointed if he doesn’t receive any answer from the publisher. The matter is that reading every single typescript is a work that should be paid.

Major publishing houses can afford themselves to consider a book from the sidelines, but there is no guaranty that the employee who reads you manuscript has enough skills and intuition in literature to see the actual potential of your book. This single person may turn out to decide the future of your book. He may claim if your book is worth to sees the world or i it should be rejected without reading. In other word the possibility that the matter of the consideration of your book will reach the sales department pushes zero. On this stage it is commonly being discussed if the publishing house will take any risks to pay for publishing your opus or not.

No one except the author himself may say for sure if the book is a good, profound and promising one. That’s why there exist the practice of so called test edition. One can edit a hundred of book issues in order to explore the market at first. Such book is able to receive the comments from literature analysts, the editions are being sent to the libraries, to the Central Institute of Bibliography. But the most important thing is that you may try to sell a small amount of editions and see its being demanded in the literature market. In that way audience and literature analysts get the opportunity to express their opinion and evaluate your book and you get the reasons for your investors. In fact the author edits his book at his own expense but the result doesn’t differ from the common editing via publishing company. If the book sells well it becomes noticeable for the readers. The book stores start ordering the editions of the book more and more often. In that way the publishing house have the motivation to edit it with paying honorarium to the author.


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