Week Spent Out of Connection

I am a totally Internet-addicted person and will not even deny this fact. I can not imagine being out of touch with my friends or relatives even for a few hours and my cell phone is never turned off. However, when one of my friends suggested that I will not survive a day without all these gadgets I made a face like “Challenge accepted” meme and claimed that I will live without my phone and online connections for the whole week.

The nest morning after accepting this bet began as usual. I made coffee and was just pressing the start button of my PC when I remembered that I can not check email, or read new messages on FaceBook and decided to leave the computer switched off in order to avoid the temptation. At work I was to busy to think of the experiment but the silence of the phone made me a little nervous – I was afraid that something important will happen and I will not even know about it.

However, a real torture began in the evening. Staying at home with a computer switched off was impossible and I went for a walk. As I could call no one I decided to pick up my friend from her home like we used to do in childhood.

On the second moment I was thinking of throwing computer together with cell phone out of the window as they seemed to turn into powerful magnets. However, I just left home and went for work. I noticed that my work productivity was beginning to increase as I did not waste time on visiting social networks and texting messages. In the evening I went to the cinema alone as I still could not make a call, but met an acquaintance there and we spent unexpectedly good time together.

On the third day I woke up relaxed feeling that it is nearly the first time in a long period when I had a sound night sleep. The computer did not attract much of my attention this time and the phone with its dark screen did not make med as nervous as before. However, during the day I realized that I began to miss my friends and parents who live in another city and with whom I was always in touch before. Besides, I wanted the acquaintance of the previous evening to befriend me in social network and ask for another meeting. The evening turned into epic fail – I switched on my phone, called everyone I wanted and answer all unread emails as well. Yes, I did not manage to live out of connection for a week, but as far as I learned to control my passion for online life I felt it was no longer necessary to continue the experiment.


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