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Roommates and Cockroaches

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Living with a roommate is like…no, honestly I can not find a comparison which will even vaguely explain what living with a roommate looks like. It is a unique experience or a terrific ordeal depending on the roommate you are lucky to have.

If you face a dilemma of whether to live alone or allow someone else to occupy a part of your private space, my recommendation is to choose the second option without hesitation. We all want independence and seclusion, but after a few weeks of living alone this seclusion will become unbearable and the walls in your room will learn your entire life story.

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How To Start Being Happy And Stop Thinking Negative

Posted in Personal Development with tags , , , , , on October 16, 2012 by silkysecrets

How to be the happiest person in the world? What can we do to help ourselves be satisfied with our lives and what are the obstacles to being happy?

Happiness is the most indispensable state of mood that helps us go further with our lives. Happiness is what all the people in the world aspire to but what is it exactly and how do we reach this state?

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Rebecca Minkoff.

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Rebecca Minkoff is an American fashion designer who became famous for her handbags. Minkoff currently lives and works in New York City.

Minkoff was born in San Diego. Design and fashion have been her actual passions since childhood. After graduating Minkoff decided to move to New York to devote herself to fashion design. In 2005 Rebecca began to design handbags. The handbags she produces look luxurious and casual at the same time. They are functional and stylish. Rebecca herself says that the bags she creates are intended for independent women who can’t live without traveling. Obviously it explains functionality of the handbags by Minkoff. She loves traveling a lot herself. It inspires you to create and design new items. In addition Minkoff likes vintage pretty much. “I love vintage. I found a studded vintage belt in Paris that’s inspiring a pair of stud earrings”.

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How to Become Optimist

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It is a stated fact that optimists have lower pain limit, more successful carrier and greater achievements in personal life. It is also know that the belief only in positive aspects of life or the habit to be depressed is defined on the genetic level. However, it is in your power to defeat this program and become an optimist.

The stress tolerance allows you not only to save your nerves. In difficult situations optimists usually behave more reasonable than pessimists. Pessimists find it harder to face the problems because when sometimes goes wrong they sink into depression and start blaming themselves. Of course, with such attitude towards problems it is extremely difficult for them to compete with optimists. However, you should note that you can also be a born optimist or a self-made one. As it is impossible to change your genetic pattern you will have to work on controlling your thoughts. If you are clever enough to understand that you are not a realist but a miserable whiner, it means that half the battle is won. Now you have only to develop a habit to remember it every time you feel the attack of dark thoughts. View your pessimism as a kind of disease and use logics and self-analysis as a medicine. In the beginning it will be difficult to catch yourself at being pessimistic but with time it will develop into some reflex.

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How to Publish a Book

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To publish a book one should definitely understand what for has he written this book. The aim of the book defines its target audience and as a result the way of publishing. If you think that your book will be a bestseller you may suppose that it will be enough to send a few copies of the typescript to the number of publishing houses and someone will pay attention to it. If you don’t know the market and your goal is to share your experience try to publish a small amount of issues on your expense. One shouldn’t get disappointed if he doesn’t receive any answer from the publisher. The matter is that reading every single typescript is a work that should be paid.

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Week Spent Out of Connection

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I am a totally Internet-addicted person and will not even deny this fact. I can not imagine being out of touch with my friends or relatives even for a few hours and my cell phone is never turned off. However, when one of my friends suggested that I will not survive a day without all these gadgets I made a face like “Challenge accepted” meme and claimed that I will live without my phone and online connections for the whole week.

The nest morning after accepting this bet began as usual. I made coffee and was just pressing the start button of my PC when I remembered that I can not check email, or read new messages on FaceBook and decided to leave the computer switched off in order to avoid the temptation. At work I was to busy to think of the experiment but the silence of the phone made me a little nervous – I was afraid that something important will happen and I will not even know about it.

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