Little Women And Good Wives

Every women probably hears the voices of her granny or mother in her mind from time to time. “A good girl would never act in such way!”. As the little bad girl grows up she may still her: “A real woman would never make such an embarrassing mistake!”. “You are taking a risk”, “He will leave you” and the most famous one “Men choose another women to marry”.

There are a lot of variants of one and the same message but the matter is one and the same. Our mothers aim to program us to obey (whom?) and be a good girl. During our childhood we were to be appreciated by our grandmas, grandpas, teachers and nannies. Along with that all the girls should have constantly made endless mistakes, otherwise how could the mothers show their wisdom? That’s why the strict caring mothers won’t cease pointing these mistakes out. A little time passes by and the little good girls develop a fear to take a smallest step aside. They are afraid that their mothers would be disappointed with the actions of their dearest little thing.

The mothers continue their difficult work later when their dearest little things start dating with guys. First of all every guy whom a good girl dates is immediately being assessed as the potential husband and asked a lot of awkward questions. It’s not a surprise that he vanishes as soon as he get up from the table. There is some freedom if you are 23 or 25 years old as the most part of the boyfriends are commonly labeled with “no go”. But as soon as you start pushing 30 your mother picks up instructing you the “he is a rare man”. Oh, thanks God that he is a rare man. My favorite one is “Men choose another women to marry”. In accordance with this statement you need to become this “another” one. Don’t bother your head that he doesn’t love you the main thing is that you finally have got married. Your mother is happy.


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